I’m Natalie Byrne.

You’ve found yourself here. With me, somewhere in the in-between.  Where the intricate details of you, and the complex details of me, get tangled up quietly. Twisted into something beautiful. 

Here in this in-between, warmth rushes and time slows. My generous hips sway when I walk and my long red hair sweeps faintly by. My porcelain, freckled skin is always cool to the touch and I stand lean and lithesome with cherubic features and a soft smile. I laugh unsparingly and listen intensely, obsessed with you and with the idea of us.


Let me shake the air 


I love the foolish extravagance of fine-dining and the belly-laughs we can exchange. I like expensive silks and shoes an awful lot, but I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t a fool for charming cards and thoughtful gifts. I’m most content when the sun is bright and crisp, there’s a light breeze, and San Francisco is buzzing with electricity and, most importantly, I’m easily satisfied. 

Starting with a glass of champagne in my hand, silk on my skin, and stilettos on my feet. The notion of my polished back arched so perfectly over crisp linen; I’m eager to slip like warm honey between your fingertips. The idea hot on our minds while we exchange salacious glances across a proper white table cloth or clink glassware over a bar top.

Let me be your oasis. Let me shake the air from your lungs and uncoil your body.  Let me be the image you turn to when you are alone and let this in-between be something you drift back to over and over, and over again.



pieces of me

Age: Late 30s

Education: Bachelors with minor, from a “public” ivy

Measurements: Natural bust (34DD) and hourglass shape

Sexuality: Enthusiastically bisexual

Height: 5’8″

Hair Color: Natural LONG Red hAIR

Eyes: Blue

All natural (no enhancements), NO piercings (ears only), & NO tattoos

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drink: champagne, negroni, or 50/50 slightly dirty gin martini (extra olives)

FOOD: Omakase, French, and Mexican

ACTIVITY: Rock climbing, mountain biking, and LAGREE PILATES

READING: Fantasy and fiction (FOR NOW)

MUSIC: Contemporary Jazz, symphony, dance, electronic, and anything you want to drag me to (let’s dance!)

FAV FIRST DATE: Tasting menu or oysters/caviar service and champagne

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