I’m Natalie Byrne.

I have an innocent and sweet face – easy on the eyes with soft and appealing features. Red hair, saturated with blonde in the summer months, and curls that always seem to sashay perfectly into place.

My porcelain skin, so flawless and freckled that you could trace constellations and watch the goosebumps trail across my skin in pursuit of your fingertips. Tall, supple, and sylphlike.

I am your


I want for you and me, something so perfect. But that’s where my pedantry comes in; I care too much.

I love the foolish extravagance of fine-dining and the belly-laughs we can exchange. I like expensive silks and shoes an awful lot, but I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t a fool for charming cards and thoughtful gifts. I’m most content when the sun is bright and crisp, there’s a light breeze, and San Francisco is buzzing with electricity. I talk too much but our secret will forever be mine to hold; like a gift. Ready for unwrapping time and time again.

I’m heedful and obsessed with the intricacies of intimacy. I worship the unbridled confidence that comes after a few sips of whiskey or champagne and relish in the tickling aches that impatience brings. The glide of silk across my skin, the clumsiness of newness, and the spark of magnetism that echos in my bones and I hunger for a man who can fall into the indecent with me.

A visceral attraction, the clink of glasses, and with infinite ease let us become part of our own narrative, shall we?


we speak from the heart and learn from the body

Age: Early 30s

Education: Bachelors with minor, from a “public” ivy

Measurements: 34C-25-36, small hourglass shape

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 130lbs

Hair: Red


Eyes: Blue

All natural (no enhancements), piercings (ears only), or tattoos.

INTERESTS: Rock climbing, mountain biking, design, contemporary art, cold-brewed coffee, small-grower champagne, jazz music,  fitness, and so much more…



wild & a little bit fearless, there’s so much to learn


what do others have to say…


What can you say about Natalie? 

She is everything.  Beautiful, smart, kind, funny, can dress up or dress down.  She puts so much into our dates that they are always easy, supremely pleasurable, and always too short.  You could spend a week with her and you are always left wanting more.  She is truly the best.

I guess there is a lot you can say about Natalie.


The wonderful Natalie Byrne in less than 5,000 words.

She arrived looking smashing in a dress and heels and all eyes were on her as she strutted into the bar. The conversation at dinner, the look in her eyes, the easy banter and joking, the intelligence, the whit, the beauty all led to a build up that could hardly be contained until we retired for the evening to a more secluded area.

I can easily attest that if you are looking for a person that is beautiful on the inside as much as on the outside, that has the charm of an angel and the sensuality of a devil then you have found her.  To be honest, my best desires would be served keeping her hidden from anyone else and all mine but I try not to be selfish.  When I get to see her a second time, I may not give her back.


Natalie is one of those people who manages to exceed expectations, however high yours might be. She is the beautiful woman across the bar who you desperately want to flirt with and, unbeknownst to you, really wants you to come back to her room. She is one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We enjoyed a natural and easy connection that allowed us to really escape with each other for the duration of our time together.

Natalie is a beautifully cut gem and I can’t wait to uncover (undress?) more of her facets. I will fondly think of her until our paths cross again.