The study of fire.

I prefer longer engagements and you will notice that my rates are skewed to favor those dates.

There’s nothing more exciting than the foreplay of a purposefully prepared meal or a scintillating conversation over drinks.

one hour | $1000

one and a half hours | $1500

two hours | $2000

three hours | $3000

four hours | $3500

six hours | $5500

fourteen hours | $7000

one day | $8500

weekend | $12000*

*each additional day +$2200

In date extensions, as my schedule allows, at $1000/per hour.

NYC Rates

one hour | $800

two hours | $1600

three hours | $1800

four hours | $2400

six hours | $3600

Want something else? E-mail me.


Social dates are now available with social distancing rules (must remain 6ft apart). No minimum booking or isolation period required.

Let’s grab dinner, walk along the beach, or have a picnic and get to know each other.

one hour | $500

one and a half hours | $750

two hours | $1000



  •  Incalls will be held in an upscale hotel in downtown San Francisco. This adds +$150 to my rate for all engagements 3 hours and under.
  • All engagements 3 hours and over require time in public – lunch/dinner, drinks, a show, etc or room service
  • Bespoke sessions are available after screening is completed.
  • I love couples and would be happy to see them – please add +$500.
  • Travel outside of San Francisco requires pre-booking, minimum of 2 hours, 25% deposit and roundtrip uber/gas fees.
  •  I need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep on overnights. For best results, greeting me with iced coffee (almond milk + stevia) and/or sparkling water in the AM is the best wake-up call.


  I am passport ready and available for exclusive travel engagements nationally and internationally!

For any travel engagements, you’ll cover first class or business travel for flights plus $200 for incindentials. For me to set aside time for you, I require 25% of my rate as a deposit and 100% of booking affairs sent ahead of time.

West Coast  | 3-hour minimum

East Coast | 6-hour minimum

Mid-West/Central | 4-hour minimum

International | Weekend

Intercontinental | 14-hour minimum

five days$15000

one week  | $20000

Don’t see what you’re looking for or have questions? E-mail me and let’s chat!


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