Let my friends be the kindle to our fire.

Emma Andrews

Emma is gorgeous, perfectly petite, and has the most luscious blonde hair. She has an impeccable fashion sense which lends to her creativity and together we’ll curate the date of your dreams – inside and outside the bedroom.

We’re the perfect playmates – let us lead you through something truly exceptional.

Serena Lang

Stunning, with perfect curves and a personality to back it all up – Serena is not one to be missed. We complement each other flawlessly and we’ll conquer your world.

What more could you want with a deliciously curvy, blonde and petite, red head?


Diana Luna

Ever wanted sultry but a little bit nerdy?

Diana is brilliant with a faultless hourglass figure and always flaunting the most perfect red lip.

Together, we’re the perfect pair – seductive but a little bit quirky and our nights with you will be something you will never forget.

Olivia Lark

Legs for days, an exquisite body, exceptionally clever and intelligent. Olivia is a vibrant and sexy soul.

But don’t let her sweet exterior fool you – she’s quick witted and spicy; and together we can really heat things up.



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